Non-profit seeking artists to paint more murals in Kendall-Whittier District

    More murals coming to Kendall-Whittier District (KTUL)

    It's a vibrant community where the walls come alive, and you're surrounded by art when you come down to the Kendall-Whittier District.

    "There's more art, more color, more vibrancy, and more life," said Ed Sharrer with the Kendall Whittier Main Street Association.

    The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation is looking to add even more art to this area.

    "Murals are a pretty accessible way to tap into the creative industry in Tulsa," said Natalie Deuschle with the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation.

    The non-profit wants to sponsor five artists to paint more murals in Kendall Whittier.

    "We can highlight the history and the culture of the neighborhood," said Deuschle. "This will create community here, which is really powerful."

    "What we're really hoping is [to] really enhance a sense of place here and provide a medium for artists to really practice their craft," said Sharrer.

    This will not only bring in more art, but also bring in more people and business.

    "The businesses are really excited about it. Some of them have funded murals of their own," said Sharrer. "They're excited about what's coming in."

    The foundation is looking for experienced artists and hopes to have these projects done in the Spring of 2019. Interested artists can apply here.

    Overall, they're hoping this program will have an impact on the community, one just as vibrant as the colors on the walls.

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