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North Tulsans call for urban renewal plan to be 'tabled'

North Tulsans call for urban renewal plan to be "tabled" (KTUL)
North Tulsans call for urban renewal plan to be "tabled" (KTUL)
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It's a community that has been home to generations of Tulsans and home to some of the brightest and darkest moments in our city's history.

To the people living in north Tulsa, it's a community worth fighting for.

"You cannot make Greenwood great again by gentrification. Gentrification is on the doorstep," said one person at Wednesday night's council meeting.

The area affected by the urban renewal plan is directly north of the IDL, south of the Gilcrease Expressway, and between 75 and the Tisdale Parkway. According to the city's sector plan, they would remove "blighted or hazardous properties," increase the number of homes, improve infrastructure, encourage more business growth, and if people have to be relocated, help them with that process. Trouble is, not many seem to want to be relocated.

"For us that have bought homes and have homes in our community and own our homes and are trying to better our neighborhoods, this is a heavy blow, because it takes away that hope we have for the American dream," said Monroe Padillow.

Another big concern was the lack of notice, with most not knowing about a public meeting held two weeks ago, and many not knowing about this public hearing until today.

"You have a conversation like eminent domain, but the residents of this particular area are not even aware of your plan, they are not aware how you're operating," said Arlando Jasper.

It's a sentiment that was echoed many times in the council chamber.

"The sign that was put in my neighborhood was at the end of a cul-de-sac that has maybe six houses. Nobody drives down to that cul-de-sac to see that sign to have notice. We were informed today on our Facebook neighborhood page. That is absurd," said one north Tulsa resident.

Wednesday was just a hearing, with no decision being made either way as to how the plan should move forward. The overwhelming call from the community though was quite clear -- table the discussion.

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