Nowata County Sheriff announces retirement 8 months after taking office

After only eight months in office, the Nowata County Sheriff has announced her retirement. (KTUL)

NOWATA, Okla., (KTUL) -- After only eight months in office, the Nowata County Sheriff has announced her retirement.

This comes after a number of former sheriffs have also left before their terms ended.

Sheriff Sandy Hadley is leaving the position she recently accepted.

“Sometimes you have to be the bigger person to step down," said Hadley.

Sheriff Hadley took over in April as sheriff in Nowata County. The position was appointed to Hadley after former Sheriff Richard Miller stepped down.

“I have an understanding but I'm also progressive, and I can’t stay stuck in a position where you just can't keep progressing," said Sheriff Hadley.

Miller cited stress as the reason for his resignation, and it’s something Sheriff Hadley echoes.

“We all are so overworked," said Hadley.

The sheriff's office lost funding last year after statewide Department of Corrections funding was dropped, but the sheriff believes the commissioners could do more to fund their operations.

“We just struggle; we survive day to day," said Hadley.

“It’s frustrating to do a job and not have the money to do it with," said Commissioner Bud Frost.

The commissioner says the sheriff’s position is a tough one. Doing so much with so little just doesn’t seem to work.

“We just need more money, and we keep getting less," said Frost.

Frost says there’s really no solution right now.

“It’s hard to run that office with what we have to run it with," said Frost.

As far as the sheriff, Hadley doesn’t hold any ill feelings toward her colleagues.

Sheriff Hadley is now looking forward to being home and an active grandmother.

“I'm not afraid of work, but my family really needs me right now," said Hadley.

The sheriff’s last day in office is Feb. 1.

The commissioners are discussing how to move forward with the District Attorney on the search for a new sheriff.

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