OFS: High fire danger continues, 300,000+ acres burned

The Rhea Fire in Dewey County on Saturday, April 14, 2018 courtesy Oklahoma Forestry Services

The Oklahoma Forestry Services says the firefighters will have a chance to make headway against the state's fires due to "slightly reduced fire weather " on Sunday, but the fire danger is expected to increase on Monday and Tuesday.

The OFS warns new fires could have rapid rates of growth and the fires being fought "will require extensive patrol and mop up".

The fire danger expected to rise through Tuesday due to higher temperatures, lower humidity and the wind.

The latest update from the Oklahoma Forestry Services on fire activity:

  • Dollar Pond Fire (Caddo County) – 300 Acres, 10% Contained
  • 34 Complex (Woodward County) – 53,000 Acres (Est), 25% Contained
  • Rhea Fire (Dewey County) – 242,000 Acres (Est), 3% Contained
  • Cheyenne Fire (Roger Mills County) – 81 Acres, 90% Contained
  • East Reydon Fire (Roger Mills County) – 1,232 Acres, 81% Contained
  • 48/33 Fire (Creek County) – 162 Acres, 89% Contained
  • Shaw Fire (Roger Mills County) – 7,257 Acres, 40% Contained
  • Roadside Fire (Woodward County) - 961 Acres , 51% Contained
  • 66 Fire (Lincoln County) – 150 Acres, 75% Contained
  • Anderson Road Fire (Logan County) – 60 Acres, 75% Contained
  • Brake Road Fire (Kay County) – 400 Acres (Est) / 80% Contained
  • Hwy 11 Fire (Kay County – 350 Acres (Est) / 73% Contained

OFS report more than 500 firefighters are working the Rhea Fire in Dewey County. At last report the fire was moving toward the towns of Thomas and Fay.

The Martha Fire, which began Saturday night, is reported to have burned several structures in the town of Martha. A shelter was opened in Altus for residents at the Martha Road Baptist Church 20388 E. County Road 158 by the American Red Cross.

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