Dash cam: OHP Trooper shoots through windshield during September chase

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released dash camera footage that shows a Sept. 21 OHP shooting. (Oklahoma Highway Patrol

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released dash cam video of a chase where a trooper shot through his window during a pursuit.

The chase started September 21st, 2017 in the early morning with a GMC pickup driving on a flat tire. Oklahoma City police initially tried to stop 32-year-old Patrick Smith near SW 38th and Lindsey. It soon turned into a chase.

“Hey, you guys watch out. They're firing out the driver side window. Just be advised,” An officer can be heard saying in the video. "6-48. More shots fired. Still westbound."

Oklahoma City police said the vehicle reportedly sped off, reaching 60 miles per hour in a residential neighborhood. Shooting at officers, police didn't return fire, but one trooper did.

“Shots fired out of my unit. They shot at me,” said one trooper.

From dash cam video, it looks like the trooper reaches for a gun to shoot through the window.

"Secondary shots still being fired," said one trooper.

Then you see the trooper grab for his rifle and shoot through the windshield. Shortly after, you see the trooper use a tactical maneuver to stop the driver near SW 54th and MacArthur. The pickup then rolls after what looks like the trooper clipping the tail of the truck, flipping several times. When it stopped, authorities swarmed in.

“Let’s hold it guys. We're going to hold here. Hold here!” said troopers.

OHP said a passenger was in the pickup truck as well, who was thrown from the vehicle after rolling several times. That person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Smith faces multiple charges. Some of them are shooting with intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon and pointing a deadly weapon at another.

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