OHP sets up DUI checkpoint in west Tulsa for marijuana-related 'holiday'

OHP sets up DUI checkpoint in west Tulsa for marijuana-related 'holiday' (KTUL)

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol began monitoring a portion of west Tulsa Friday afternoon as part of a 42-hour ENDUI checkpoint due to an unofficial "holiday" associated with the use of marijuana.

Some people see April 20, or 4/20, as a day to celebrate marijuana.

A west side drug checkpoint is just part of the effort to keep stoned drivers from getting behind the wheel.

From the Highway Patrol to deputies and our local police, there's an effort to step up on law enforcement.

This location was chosen as an area that's likely to have a higher number of drug-intoxicated drivers.

Especially right now.

"If you look at that date, today 4/20," OHP Trooper Dwight Durant explained, "if you look at that date, the week before and the week after, there's a significant amount of crashes. Additional crashes on that date."

More law enforcement also makes sense with a national opioid epidemic.

So every car that comes along is being checked by having a brief discussion with the driver, plus a license and insurance check.

"Even if they legalize marijuana, as alcohol is legal, you're still not going to be able to drink and drive," Durant said. "You're still not gong to be able to get high and take narcotics and get behind the wheel. It's been proven – your reaction time is reduced."

The drug crackdown is underway until midnight Sunday, but the issue won't be forgotten once the "holiday" has passed.

Drug-related deaths on the road increased 115 percent between 2013 and 2016.

It's a trend that isn't going away unless people become more concerned about the consequences.

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