1 hospitalized after gas well explosion in Pittsburg County

One person was injured Thursday in an explosion at a Pittsburg County oil field.

Initial reports from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol suggested "numerous injuries." OHP later said one person was injured person and transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Pittsburg County Emergency Management Director Kevin Enlow says the victim sustained burns from his waist down. Enlow says the worker dropped as soon as he was on fire and a coworker grabbed a fire extinguisher.

According to Quinton Police Department, the head blew off a gas well, causing the explosion. Three wells caught fire, according to the sheriff, but emergency management and the well's owner-operator worked to put the fires out.

A longtime Quinton oil field worker says the well was once owned by Petroquest and later sold to Trinity.

Trinity released the following statement.

Earlier today, an incident occurred at a gas well owned by Trinity Operating, located in Quinton, OK resulting in a fire at the well. One employee was injured and has been transported to a hospital in Tulsa. We followed established safety protocols and the fire was extinguished. Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and the safe operation of our facilities. An investigation to determine what happened is already underway.

The gas well is three to four miles west of Quinton and State Highway 31, according to OHP.

The Pittsburg County Emergency Management Office says multiple volunteer fire departments responded to the scene as well as emergency management crews, the sheriff's office and OHP.

SH 31 was closed at Holt Road west of Blocker for about an hour but is reopened.

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