Oklahoma Aquarium looking for scuba volunteers

Since the aquarium put out the call for volunteers, they have gotten a lot of feedback. (KTUL)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim in one of these tanks packed with tropical fish? That's what Bill Dausses does on a regular basis, cleaning the tanks at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

"I've done 1,300 dives in lakes, oceans, rivers, streams, seas, creeks, and I've probably done just as many in the aquarium. It's a lot more fun here," said Bill Dausses, a dive safety officer with the Oklahoma Aquarium.

Not only does he get to spend time with the fish, but he also becomes a part of the show.

"People come to see the divers and watch the divers. They'll play paper-rock-scissors with the kids. They'll pose for pictures; they've assisted with a few marriage proposals," said Jamie Gaylor, volunteer coordinator with the aquarium.

Sounds like fun right? Well, if you have a scuba certification, you can do this, too, as a volunteer.

"We bring them through a checkout dive. We introduce them to the practices we use, and in all honesty, it's the best dive in Oklahoma," said Dausses.

Just be ready to do some cleaning. It sounds like a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. Not only do you have to scrub the glass, but also the coral inside to make sure it's nice and clean for the fish.

Since the aquarium put out the call for volunteers, they have gotten a lot of feedback.

"We would like a commitment of people for at least six months and the ability to dive about two times a month. We only take certified open water scuba divers. The higher the certification level, the better the chances of getting in," said Dausses.

"The first step to becoming a volunteer of any sort is to go to the Oklahoma Aquarium website. There's a 'get involved' tab and a volunteer application online," said Gaylor.

Fill out some paperwork, complete a test dive, and you are on your way to swimming with the fishes.

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