Oklahoma attorney calls charges against him 'sensationalized' and motivated by 'jealousy'

    Oklahoma attorney calls charges against him 'sensationalized' and motivated by 'jealousy' (KTUL)

    An Oklahoma defense attorney facing multiple felonies entered a “not guilty” plea today and said the charges are based on jealousy and vindictiveness.

    Winston Connor II has been charged with multiple felonies, including solicitation for murder, witness tampering, and solicitation of prostitution.

    Connor is a defense attorney, and some of the charges are related to his law practice.

    However, in a statement today, Connor said the charges are an “aberration of the legal system.”

    He read a prepared statement that said in part:

    The charges against me today are an aberration of the system I have trusted and worked in my entire professional life. The charges are based on sensationalized allegations, and in many instances, clearly provable falsehoods.
    I am truly stunned that the vindictiveness and jealousy that motivated and orchestrated this investigation has culminated in these outrageous charges.
    I will trust my legal team and I will use every cell in my body, and every resource at my disposal, to expose this injustice and prove my innocence.

    Connor didn’t answer any questions after reading his statement. However, lawyers representing him said the charges were meant to “get” Connor and that they haven’t yet begun to fight.

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