Oklahoma Attorney General race heats up

Attorney General race heats up (KOKH/FILE)

It's a controversial primary fight for Oklahoma's Attorney General, and it's getting nasty. While there are three candidates vying for the nomination, current Attorney General Mike Hunter and Tulsa attorney Gentner Drummond are leading the pack, both accusing each other of dirty politics.

Both Drummond and Incumbent Hunter have been airing political ads, slamming the other.

"I felt obliged to let Oklahomans know that he's an appointee and a lobbyist, " said Drummond. "He really doesn't support things that are the values of Oklahoma."

In Drummond's ad, he accuses Hunter of donating to liberal causes.

"Mr. Drummond has approached his media around me with distortions and fictions," said Hunter.

Hunter has been airing his own ads calling Drummond unethical and uncaring.

Drummond says it’s filled with false accusations.

"You've got to take an equally tough approach to make sure the public knows that there are differences between him and me," said Hunter.

With all of this apparent mud slinging, another candidate is staying far away from it.

"I'm just focusing on running my campaign with honesty," said Candidate Angela Bonilla.

Bonilla says this fighting is just one big distraction for the voters.

"I think it's a distraction to the real issues we're facing in Oklahoma," said Bonilla. "I think we need to focus on the issues rather than cause distractions and smoke screens."

It's the highest-ranking law enforcement position in the state, and voters continue to keep a close eye on this fight.

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