Oklahoma County attorney's service dog attacked at the courthouse

Quincy's owner says she was attacked by a Pitbull outside of the Oklahoma County Courthouse (KOKH David Young).

Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Tom Schurr said It was quick, and at the last place he thought it could happen.

"As I stepped up on the curb, the pit bull lunged and at Quincy and had her by the throat," Schurr recalled the moments his seeing-eye service dog, Quincy, was attacked.

Schurr said he relies on Quincy to help him move around the courthouse, but on Tuesday morning, Quincy would have to rely on him.

According to Schurr, she was attacked by a pit bull that had been brought to the courthouse for a small claims trial. The owner had wanted to prove to the judge his pit bull was not vicious.

"For her to be attacked when she didn't, when she was totally unprepared," he said, "she was doing her job, getting me safely across the street. To be attacked like that is unconscionable."

The attack was bloody and quick, Schurr said. Quincy was grabbed by the throat, she pulled back, probably saving her own life.

"Fortunately, she did not hit any arteries on the throat or she would have bled to death in the street, in front of the building," he said.

“My main concern is, is she going to be traumatized? And she might not be able to work.”

Shurr says he knows Quincy will be okay, but the physical damage is not at the forefront of his mind. He says it's the mental damage that might affect Quincy.

"She actually has to make decisions and she has to be confident, and I rely on her to help me travel safely, and if she is skittish and not able to make those decisions, I will be in harm’s way and not able to work her, and that is the most troubling thing to me right now," he said.

He went on to say, "I can't do what I do without my dog."

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