Oklahoma Highway Patrol launch investigation after two cars found in Waxhoma Lake


Waxhoma Lake is usually a quiet place for the occasional fisherman, but Monday, it was a scene filled with police and a car slowly appearing from the water.

"It's taken about four hours to get it out," said Trooper Dwight Durant with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

OHP called its dive team Monday morning to pull two cars out of the lake, believed to be stolen.

One of them was a 1993 Chevy pickup.

"It was last tagged in 1993," said Durant. " We suspect it was probably dumped there around that time."

The other car was too deep for the crews to get to.

"It's sitting in a lot of mud," said Trooper Durant. "It's sunken down there pretty good. I don't think we will be able to get to it."

It was last Wednesday when a fisherman found the two trucks on his fish finder, then immediately called police.

Trooper Durant says it's very common, even though we don't hear about situations like this often.

"It's not unusual; vehicles are stolen and they're dumped all the time," said Durant. "Some people dump them for insurance purposes or different reason. Sometimes it's a crime scene."

As of right now, we don't if it's a crime scene just yet. The divers felt around the first vehicle and were confident there wasn't a body inside, but since they can't get to the other one, they're not so sure.

"We'll have to have somebody go back and research and see what was going on about that time," said Durant.

Only time will tell if these sunken cars tell another story.

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