Oklahoma House passes exemption on motor vehicle sales tax

(KOKH/Ben Latham)

The Oklahoma House passed an exemption on a newly restored sales tax on motor vehicles during Thursday's special session.

After a lengthy debate, the House voted 63-20 to pass HB 1074X. The bill exempts commercial trucks and trailers in Oklahoma from a motor vehicle tax that came back into play after the passage of HB 2433 in May.

Democrats argued that exempting the vehicles would further mess up the state's budget, which lawmakers are in a special session to fill.

The bill did not garner enough votes to be passed as an emergency.

The House also passed HB 1058 Thursday before adjourning to a call of the chair. The bill, which passed with a 79-0 vote, tells the Department of Human Services to not cut programs.

Lawmakers have failed to find compromise and pass a revenue package that would fill a $215 million hole in the state budget. On Wednesday, the House came five votes short of passing a bill that included a rise in the gross production tax.

Several state agencies have began cutting services as they prepare for impending cuts. A Wynnewood senior living center was forced to close its doors Thursday as a result of the cuts.

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