Oklahoma inches closer to Sunday liquor sales


Joseph Hull has big plans for his store Modern Spirits. With all the changes coming to the alcohol business in the next few months and years, he says expanding his business is a logical next step.

"Expansion, refrigeration, all in line with getting this store up to date with the rest of the United States as soon as possible," said Hull.

Oklahoma is one of a handful of states that still don't allow liquor sales on Sundays. On Wednesday, the senate passed a bill that would allow Sunday sales.

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Last month in a poll on Tulsa's Channel 8 Facebook page, 85 percent of you said sales should be allowed on Sundays, with only 15 percent opposed.

"I think it's a great idea. I just think it's kind of archaic and silly to have to do that," said Adrienne Barnett.

For most people, it's an argument about convenience and freedom to choose.

"If I want to buy beer on Sunday, there is no reason people should tell me no. It's my choice and I should have that opportunity," said Alex Rector.

Not all are sold on the idea. Some asked in our Facebook poll why people couldn't just skip alcohol for one day. Hull says he's excited to see this progress but says there is still plenty of room to level the playing field between grocery and liquor stores.

"Right now as the law stands, we being retails stores will only be able to sell 20 percent of our total monthly volume in products that do not contain alcohol. The flipside is that your Quiktrips, Walmarts, your Reasor's, they don't have that same threshold," said Hull.

The concern with that last point is that when they have sold their allotted 20 percent of non-alcoholic beverages for the month, do they then have to turn people away at the counter because they have reached their store limit? They don't think that's terribly convenient for the shopper and something that shouldn't be regulated differently for retail stores.

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