Okla. lawmakers 'stunned', 'disappointed' in Trump's reported 'sh*thole countries' remarks

Congressman Steve Russell and Senator James Lankford. (KOKH)

Two Oklahoma lawmakers spoke out against President Donald Trump's reported phrasing while discussing immigration from African nations and Haiti.

Speaking with lawmakers in the Oval Office Thursday, the president pushed back against protections for people from Haiti, El Salvador and various African nations, demanding to know why America should accept newcomers from "s***hole countries," according to sources briefed on the meeting.

FOX 25 caught up with Senator James Lankford after his speech at Mid America Christian University. The senator said he was "disappointed" in the President's comments.

"We're not going to agree with every nation...but we can honor people," Lankford said.

He went on to say that as leaders of the nation it is important to articulate a feeling of acceptance. Lankford doesn't believe that the comments will derail ongoing DACA negotiations.

"It's been 20 years before any immigration reform of any kind...We are long overdue." Lankford said. "The important thing now is to stay on track."

Congressman Steve Russell told FOX 25 that the President's vulgar language wasn't helpful to the debate. He believes that real progress is being made on DACA and immigration.

"I think we are all stunned by comments that just don't help the process...It doesn't help anything, it doesn't help our country," Russell said.

Three of Russell's children came to the country on green cards and are immigrants.

"I just have a different perspective...They came from very poor circumstances, being orphans with not much of a future," Russell said.

Russell says the President's comments have become the focus as opposed to serious bipartisan discussions. He says there are many benefits to securing the border.

"A lot of progress being made in all of these areas in a single package where we could address it and now the story is not that, so hopefully we can be adults and we can shake this off and do what still has to be done." Russell said.

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