Oklahoma mother donates 'Caring Cradle' to hospital to comfort others during loss

    The Jaxon Cade Foundation has donated nine Caring Cradles to Oklahoma hospitals. Five more will be gifted in the coming months. (Caroline Vandergriff/KOKH)<p>{/p}

    An Oklahoma mother’s heartbreak has inspired a movement to help other families who lose a child.

    A pregnancy loss or stillbirth can be traumatic and overwhelming, but a special bassinet can cool and preserve a baby’s body long enough for families to grieve and make important decisions. Caring Cradles give a priceless gift – time.

    “I feel like unfortunately, pregnancy loss and infant loss is a topic that’s not talked about, that’s swept under the rug,” said Catie MacDonald, whose daughter Olivia passed away in July.

    I felt her moving and everything was fine. We had high hopes, but at 18 weeks she passed away.

    After MacDonald delivered her, she only had a short amount of time to hold her.

    “I have a lot of regrets about my labor experience and what I didn’t get to do with her or didn’t know to do with her, that I wished I would have done later,” MacDonald said.

    As she grieved her daughter, she learned about the Caring Cradle.

    “It just gives you time to make decisions,” said Brittany Martin. “To see your baby that you thought you were going to have for your entire life. You were going to watch your baby grow up. And now, with us, we were left with 90 minutes.”

    Martin lost her son Jaxon in 2014. She went in for a routine induction at 39 weeks and found out he had passed away.

    “From that moment on, I lost it,” Martin said.

    My entire future changed. My family’s entire future changed.

    Martin started the Jaxon Cade Foundation in his memory to bring Caring Cradles to hospitals in Oklahoma. MacDonald got in touch with her to raise money to donate one to her hometown hospital, Stillwater Medical Center.

    Each one costs about $5,000.

    “I was able to raise $15,000 in about three months,” MacDonald said.

    There is now a Caring Cradle with her daughter’s name on it in Stillwater. Two more will go to Tulsa hospitals.

    “I hope that it never has to be used, but unfortunately, the reality is that it will,” she said. “My hope is just that it will bring some comfort to these families.”

    Martin says there were no Caring Cradles in the entire state until the Jaxon Cade Foundation began donating them. So far, it has given nine cradles to hospitals in Enid, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Yukon, Edmond and Stillwater. Five more will be delivered in the coming months.

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