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Why is Oklahoma seeing more moths?

An Oklahoma State professor explains why the state is seeing more moths recently. (KOKH){p}{/p}
An Oklahoma State professor explains why the state is seeing more moths recently. (KOKH)

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If you feel like you are seeing more moths this year, that is because experts like Justin Talley, Department Head of Entomology at Oklahoma State University, say Oklahoma is seeing an influx.

"They're migrating at such high numbers that they're actually getting picked up by weather radar in some areas," he said.

The reason you are seeing so many? Because the moths are taking a little summer vacation.

"They're emerging from Oklahoma, Nebraska, central plains areas and then migrating towards the Rocky Mountains for higher elevation so they can get into cooler temperatures for the summer," he said.

Talley said events like this don't happen too often, saying the last time was around 2015 or 2016.

For those who don't love the moths, the good news is that you won't see them in large numbers for too much longer.

"It's gonna last about probably anywhere from two to three weeks where you see a lot of these moths, but they could be active all the way through the summer," he said.

While moths can be pesky, Talley said to avoid using pesticides in an effort to keep the critters away.

"We really discourage applying pesticides to any kind of plant or flowering plant, especially where you could find these moths, because those pesticides could impact some of our native pollinators such as bees and native bee populations," he said.

Talley added due to frequent rainstorms recently, ticks are seen outside more, like the Lonestar Tick.

He suggests if you are going into an area that could have a lot of tall grass, put on some kind of repellant around your ankles and waistline to prevent from getting it.

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