Oklahoma State University coordinates wildfire recovery efforts

Oklahoma State University coordinates wildlife recovery efforts (Courtesy of OSU Cooperative Extension)

The Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension is organizing agricultural-related relief efforts for Oklahoma counties affected by the recent wildfires.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management is assisting in the relief efforts.

Dee Cooper is the OSU Cooperative Extension director for the state's Western District. She has provided a list of phone numbers for people to call regarding agricultural-related needs and donations.

“Our intent is to help things move along as speedily as possible given the urgent needs many people will have, so call any of the three numbers,” Cooper said. “It’s never easy but the Good Neighbor policy is always in evidence when disasters hit Oklahoma, both by the professionals and many kind-hearted volunteers.”

Extension is in search of agricultural-related donations, such as hay, supplemental livestock feed, milk replacer for calves who lost their mothers and fencing supplies to restore boundaries and protect wandering animals.

If you are in need or interested in volunteering or donating any of those items, please call 405-496-9329, 405-590-0106 or 405-397-7912.

Monetary donations are being accepted as well, but will be handled by the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association Foundation.

“Extension is not handling any money, but we will be matching up people who want to donate their time and effort with producers needing help to rebuild fences, transport hay and similar farm and ranch activities,” said Dana Bay, Woodward County Extension agricultural educator.

So far, more than 366,000 acres have burned across Oklahoma since Thursday evening.

Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency for 52 Oklahoma counties on Friday, April 13.

If you have been affected, Extension offers online resources detailing everything, including proper ways to dispose of dead livestock to post-wildfire home cleanup and post-disaster safety.

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