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Oklahomans will likely have to wait for grocery tax cuts

Grocery store stock image. (Getty Images)
Grocery store stock image. (Getty Images)
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Despite Oklahomans and the governor pushing for grocery tax cuts, it's likely not going to happen as the session is set to end Friday.

Oklahoma is only one of about a dozens of states with a grocery tax, which is 4.5%.

To put that in perspective, for every $100 in groceries, that's about $5 in taxes.

Luke Westervelt, who moved from Texas to Oklahoma last year, says he noticed the difference almost immediately.

"I get to the register and it's off a little bit and then I actually had to Google and I realized that Oklahoma actually has a tax on groceries, which is different from Texas," said Westervelt.

Stitt said in the February State of the City address that he wants the grocery tax gone.

"In my executive, budget I am proposing to eliminate Oklahoma’s state grocery tax," said Stitt.

So did lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

A bill written to get rid of the tax doesn't look like it'll cross the finish line.

"I haven't given up hope and I will always, for Oklahoma, advocate for it," said Stitt, Friday when asked about tax cuts.

Westervelt said the lack of tax cuts is disappointing.

While he said he can afford the extra few bucks on his grocery trips, he feels like lawmakers should have done more to help struggling Oklahomans.

"Clearly their priorities are focusing on other big ticket political items," said Westervelt. "Rather than really caring about constituents and doing things that are really truly going to immediately impact people and provide some sort of relief, especially with everything that's kind of going on right now."

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It also looks unlikely that cuts will be made to income taxes.


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