Oklahoma's medical marijuana law now in effect, but applications not being accepted yet

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    The new medical marijuana law is now in effect across the state, but there's still some time before people will be able to get access to the green stuff.

    The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is expected to release information today about applications for people to acquire medical marijuana licenses. But the OMMA will not begin accepting applications until Aug. 25.

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    That means even though the law is in effect, no one will be able to grow or possess medical marijuana without a license. The Tulsa Police Department says until licenses have been issued, officers will "continue to uphold the law."

    "State officials are still convening regarding the regulations and implementation of SQ788. Without a State issued medical marijuana license, possession and distribution of marijuana is illegal. As such, the Tulsa Police Department will continue to uphold the law as it relates to marijuana. This is a fluid situation and the Tulsa Police Department will be following the State’s decision closely for when the regulations and law changes, and licenses are issued," Sgt. Shane Tuell said in a statement.

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    A bipartisan group of lawmakers heard from several medical marijuana groups during a working group session Wednesday. Meanwhile, the State Board of Health will meet Aug. 1 after calls for the board to amend the emergency rules for the law that ban dispensaries from selling smokable marijuana and require dispensaries to have pharmacists on-site.

    The State Board of Pharmacy voted Wednesday to fire its executive director, Chelsea Church, over allegations that she tried to bribe the Health Department's top lawyer before the Board of Health voted on the emergency rules.

    The Tulsa County Health Department says they're referring everyone interested in medical marijuana applications to the State Health Department. The County Health Department is not handling any applications related to medical marijuana.

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