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ONLY ON 8: Sister of accused police killer David Ware says brother acted in self-defense

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WARE, David (Tulsa County Jail).jpg
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The sister of charged police killer David Ware is speaking out on her brother’s murder case.

This as his attorney fails to get a Tulsa judge to release body cam and dashcam footage from that night.

Ashley Melendy says, despite the evidence, her brother is not a murderer, but instead acted in self-defense and is wanting that footage released as proof.

“I think it’s ridiculous if they have nothing to hide why not just show the video footage," said sister Ashley Melendy.

She lives hundreds of miles away but Ashley Melendy has still felt the impact of her brother David Ware’s arrest.

“We were in shock but now we know he wasn’t acting out of character he was defending himself because he’s not a violent person," said Melendy.

Ware is now at the center of a murder case in Tulsa and all Melendy can do is try and plead her brother’s innocence outside of the courtroom.

“If he was in the wrong then he was in the wrong but I honestly don’t think he was," said Melendy.

She’s making these claims the same day judge David Guten decides not to make the body came and dashcam videos public from that night.

“The video is the best evidence of what happened that night and the public has a vested interest in knowing how law enforcement officers conducted themselves on that day," said attorney Kevin Adams.

Judge Guten denied Ware’s attorney Kevin Adams’ motion to release the videos; maintaining the protective order in place.

Adams claims law enforcement lied about the facts of the shooting and says the video, which he has viewed for the case, would back up his claim.

“I have a duty as an attorney to try and dispel the negative publicity that has been put out about my client," said Adams.

Adams has filed an 18-page motion that breaks down the video in his interpretation.

He says the video contradicts two things that Tulsa Police have said, one; that Ware fired three additional rounds into Sergeant. Craig Johnson, and two; that he walked away.

“It’s a difficult video to watch," said Adams.

We spoke with district attorney Steve Kunzweiler about the decision.

“I’m going to make this really short and sweet, this case is going to be tried in a courtroom and what the public is going to hear is going to be under the process that’s survived this country well for over two hundred years," said District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.

Meanwhile, Melendy wants her brother, guilty or not, to receive an equal shot.

“I want him to be able to go out in front of a jury and I want him to be given a fair trial I don’t want any secrets or anything like that," said Melendy.

Ware is expected in court next Sept. 2 for his preliminary hearing.

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