Opposition group questions State Question 788, discusses possible repercussions

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Dr. Kevin Taubman with the "No on SQ 788 Coalition" said there are a lot of things about the state question that would legalize medical marijuana that people should know.

"Overall, this bill is not what it is stated as," said Taubman. "At the end of the day, it effectively is recreational marijuana."

To start, Taubman said there are no preconditions listed in the question.

"Meaning, if it passes, the doctor does not need to specify any particular medical condition, it simply has to be quote, in their judgement," said Taubman.

Another thing he said people should know about is what it doesn't protect.

"The unintended consequence here is also the exposure to people without their consent to secondary smoke," said Taubman. "So, if this law is passed, none of the nicotine, tobacco related restrictions about where they can be used will be a part of this."

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Then there's uncle grumpy, also known as Chris Moe. "My friends call me Grumpy," said Moe.

A man who's made it his mission to ride across the state, preaching the benefits of medical marijuana.

"I'm just a father who's decided to get active in this fight," said Moe.

He has his own opinion about those against SQ 788.

"It is total propaganda. So is just about everything they're putting out," said Moe.

As for the lack of pre-conditions in the state question, Moe said that's a good thing.

"There are things we're learning every day and every week that cannabis can treat," said Moe. "Therefore, any bill that's a closed system where only certain conditions can qualify, leaves a whole group of people out that we may not even know about yet."

The argument goes on.

But both Moe and Dr. Taubman hope people will educate themselves on SQ 788, before going out and vote in June.

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