Ordinance in the works to hold businesses accountable for safety

Ordinance in the works to hold businesses accountable for safety (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Calls to police are happening too much for some businesses near 61st and Peoria.

Now city councilors and police are working to put an ordinance in place to help.

Ericka Wildcat finished her Saturday shopping early.

"I like shopping at Cox Cash Saver because they enforce the no loitering," she said.

Wildcat has lived in the area for about three years.

"I like it because it is practical," she said.

But Wildcat keeps her shopping to a minimal number of stores.

"If I went to the convenient store it is kind of like sketchy because there are so many people out there and they bother you," she said.

Loitering is one of the many reasons Councilor Karen Gilbert is working on a new ordinance.

"We hold residences accountable making sure their properties are safe and secure, but we don't really do that with businesses, so this is what this ordinance is all about," she said.

The ordinance makes business owners more liable for the safety of their customers.

"We are looking that a business is well lit, that they have cameras and that they do have some sort of security within the property," Gilbert said.

"It does sometimes deter the thieves," neighbor James Harris said.

He says he sees his neighborhood going downhill, but he's hopeful with this new ordinance.

"It's a costly thing and it is a good thing," Harris said.

Gilbert is still waiting on a signature from the mayor.

Once the ordinance goes into place, businesses with three calls to police over two years will be required to provide a safety plan and have it approved.

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