Organizers makes adjustments to Porter Peach Festival following extreme weather

Organizers makes adjustments to Porter Peach Festival following extreme weather (KTUL)

A lot of people are going to be out in the extreme heat this weekend in Porter for the annual peach festival.

For 52 years now, the community has come together to celebrate their famous crop, and celebrate each other.

But this year, the Porter Peach Festival is facing challenges with the weather Oklahoma has had so far.

"April 7th we got to 25 degrees and we had some pretty significant damage to the orchard," Livesay Orchards Owner Kent Livesay said.

He said 80 to 90 percent of his crop was destroyed.

Despite the peach shortage, they still have some at Livesay Orchards and they haven't had to raise the prices.

However, there aren't enough peaches for an entire festival, which left organizers to make the decision whether or not to cancel the festival.

"You know, we talked about it for a split second but we've done this for 52 years here and a lot of local organizations, like the football team, soccer club and tractor pull rely on the festival for their income," said Melanie Warren, Porter Peach Festival Co-Organizer. "It's a cool time for our community to come together too. Even with the limited amount of peaches, we knew we wanted to pull it off and give people a chance to enjoy the town."

There will be some changes this year.

"We usually give away free peaches and ice cream," Warren said. "This year we will be giving away free peach ice cream, so no actual peaches but really good ice cream at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday."

The cobbler will be on hold as well, but the Porter peach auction will still go on as usual.

Livesay has turned to some friends for help in ensuring there will be enough peaches for everyone.

"There are some growers in Texas that I've supplied with peaches when they were short on their crop, and so they are bringing us some peaches this year," he said.

Kent said this is still better than the stuff you'll find in the grocery store. As for their peaches, they will have a few more ripening in early August and recommend you get there early to grab them before they're gone.

The Porter Peach Festival runs Thursday through Saturday.

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