OSBI investigating after armed robbery suspect commits suicide after police chase


The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating after an armed robbery suspect reportedly commits suicide following a police chase.

OSBI officials say earlier this week, an AT&T store was robbed in Weatherford. Police were able to get a suspect description and his vehicle at the scene.

Around 7:45 p.m. on Feb. 7, Elk City police reportedly spotted the suspect and his vehicle and attempted to pull him over. The suspect reportedly fled police and eventually hit a curb at Broadway, disabling the vehicle. He then took off from the scene on foot.

A search ensued with an Elk City officer spotting a man matching the suspect's description along 3rd St. near Lusk. The officer pulled up beside the man and ordered him to the ground. OSBI agents say they were told the suspect then put a gun to his head and fired the weapon, killing himself.

OSBI has identified the dead man as 36-year-old Leamon Cummings III. They were asked by the Elk City Police Department to investigate the suicide on Wednesday night.

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