Mom speaks out following the death of her son in the Creek County Jail

Video from the Mannford City Jail shows 56-year-old Ronald Garland walking and alert after his arrest for DUI. Garland was transferred to Creek County Jail where he was found unresponsive after an altercation with jailers. (Mannford City Jail)

SAPULPA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A mother is looking for closure after her son was found unresponsive while in custody at the Creek County jail.

OSBI is now investigating the incident after the man later died at a Tulsa hospital.

Ronald Garland’s mother is heartbroken and trying to move on.

She says her son had serious mental problems and did have some drinks the night of his arrest, but he didn’t deserve to die.

“All I know is he was in Creek County jail and he’s gone and no answers," said Janice Bush, Garland's mother.

Now Bush has lots of questions.

How did he wind-up the way he did after being locked-up in Creek County?

“I need those answers before I can accept why he’s gone, why we don’t have him anymore," said Bush.

Video from June 9 shows the arrest of Garland in Mannford.

Police there stopped the 56-year-old on Highway 51 on suspicion of DUI.

The family admits he’d been drinking at the VFW off Highway 48.

“He was very cordial, non combative with my officers; I even said he was handcuffed up front," said Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller.

Miller released a video to Tulsa's Channel 8 of Garland in custody at the City Jail.

Miller says officers held Garland for at least three hours before he was taken to the Creek County Jail.

“We take extra care and precautions to do what we can to keep our inmates safe," said Miller.

But what happened after he landed at the Creek County Jail?

Jessica Brown, an OSBI spokeswoman, says an altercation took place between Garland and jailers.

We’re told Garland was placed in what’s known as a restraint chair and soon became unresponsive.

Eight days later Garland’s family took him off life support.

“Why did he die in jail, he didn’t have a bad heart," said Bush.

Bush says her son had Bipolar disorder that was causing him to act strange when he left home June 8. But she says he wasn’t a threat.

All she has now are his pictures and his ashes and still so many questions.

“They caused his death somehow or another, and I don’t know why and I want answers," said Bush.

Bush says she agrees with the initial arrest but not the eventual treatment.

Weeks after his death she says she still does not have his belongings.

We’ve reached out to the Creek County Jail for a comment but our calls have not been returned.

The medical examiner's office tells us the cause of death is still pending.

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