More than 30 car windows smashed at Tulsa apartment complex

Over 30 car windows smashed at apartment complex (KTUL)

At least 30 people at an apartment complex are baffled by the work of some brazen vandals.

"They've disturbed so many people's lives that work so hard everyday," said Mark Bennefield. "I'm very upset."

Bennefield's Mazda one of the many cars that was vandalized overnight.

"The contents inside my car were all in the seats," said Bennefield. "Then noticed that my passenger window was broken out."

Waking up early this Monday morning at City Gardens Apartments, only to find shards of glass all over the passenger seat and surrounding his tires, nothing salvageable of his window.

"This is pathetic," said Bennefield. "This is suppose to be a nice quiet place here."

Across the lot is Arnold Schouten dealing with the same problem.

"I noticed glass all over the grass," said Schouten. "I've already made calls to get my window replaced."

Now, some people are using trash bags to cover up their window, just to get by before a repair.

It's unclear if this was the work of multiple people, but whoever did this got away with more than just smashing windows.

"I had my wallet in there, my credit cards, voter registration, social security card," said Bennefield.

Detectives are working the case, but there are no strong leads.

Police say they might be able to look at the apartment complex surveillance video for leads.

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