Packed courtroom keeps many outside during Betty Shelby trial

Local activists have filed a complaint against the judge in the Betty Shelby case. (KTUL)

Monday was a long day for Tyke Brean McClain and her best friend Joseph Hutchison.

"I got here about 8:15," said McClain.

They wanted to see what they could of the Betty Shelby trial.

"I took off work all day today," said Hutchinson.

Like so many others Wednesday, those hopes were quickly crushed. They were there early, but not early enough. They said deputies cut the line off about 10 people ahead of them because the courtroom was full.

Same goes for Steven Smith.

"I got here right about 9:10," said Smith. "It is kind of frustrating. You expect to get in and want to hear exactly what's going on, rather than get it from a second or third party person."

They weren't alone. Dozens of people who wanted to get in couldn't.

And as jurors began their deliberations, Marq Lewis with We The People Oklahoma took the fight to get into the courtroom a step further. He gathered signatures and complaints from people kept outside.

"And we're going to mail these documents directly to the bar to have them look at this situation," said Lewis.

Lewis said there was a larger courtroom available but the judge chose not to move the trial there.

"Why aren't there other logistics that were taken care of in the beginning, to make sure we could utilize the larger courtroom, considering the size of this particular case. And the high nature profile of this case," said Lewis.

Not what those left outside wanted to hear.

"They keep telling us to hush, and we're like, well, if we had enough room, we wouldn't have this problem," said McClain.

McClain and the others said they're not going anywhere until they know the outcome of this case.

Lewis said they gathered around 20 signatures and complaints and they planned to mail them to the Oklahoma Bar Association Wednesday.

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