Panhandling teacher donating to teachers at Foyil schools

Since this all began, they've raised more than $40,000. (KTUL)

Teresa Danks is a teacher with Tulsa Public Schools. The last time we saw her, she was panhandling for school supplies.

A lot has changed since then.

"Since the last time we talked, I got to go on the Harry Connic Jr. Show, and that was super exciting," said Danks.

In fact, she's gained lots of national attention in her fight to get school supplies to Oklahoma teachers. She's quite the hero these days. And if heroes have sidekicks, Jonathon is hers.

"I am indeed Teresa's husband," said Jonathon.

He's the one who took the video that started it all, and ever since then he's been working as his wife's right-hand man.

"Yeah, it's been crazy," said Jonathon.

Together, they created the website Begging for Education, dedicated to raising money for Oklahoma teachers. All while they both keep their day jobs.

"Number one, it's helping teachers help children," said Jonathon. "And number two, I'm helping my wife, and that makes her happy. Which makes me happy."

Since this all began, they've raised more than $40,000. All of it going back to schools in need.

Begging for Education is donating $300 each to 22 teachers at Foyil Elementary in Claremore Tuesday. A third of those donations to Foyil will come from RCB Bank in Claremore.

Danks chooses the schools based on need. But she says she can't do it without those precious donations.

When this all began, she said the money was coming in fast. When the news died down, so did the donations. But Danks says she's not about to give up.

"I can't operate in fear. I'm going to take whatever I can, and do the most that I can with it," said Danks.

To learn more about Begging for Education, click here to visit their website, or here to visit their Facebook page.

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