Parent says school apologizes for handling of alleged incident with cocaine, daughter

A mother says Union Public Schools is apologizing for the way a situation was handled that she says involved cocaine (KTUL).

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A mother says Union Public Schools is apologizing for the way a situation was handled that she says involved cocaine.

Thean Parker met with the school hoping to get answers for her 11-year-old, sixth-grade daughter.

"I told her I was going to fight for her and get this resolved," Parker said.

She says a bag of cocaine was floating around the Union Sixth and Seventh Grade Center earlier this week.

The bag made its way to Parker's daughter, who was then punished for the incident.

"She was upset, she was crying, she didn't understand the whole situation and an adult told her that someone else brought something to school and because it ended up in your possession, you are the one being punished for it," Parker said.

Her daughter was suspended for three days and was going to have to complete 41 days of in-house suspension.

Parker was shocked and says she didn't hear from the school until the next evening.

"The school should have been calling me especially for something of this magnitude, especially a controlled substance that could kill a child or make a child sick," she said.

Parker says her daughter had no idea what was in the bag and shouldn't have been punished for someone else's choices.

The sit-down with administrators restored hope for Parker and her daughter.

"They apologized for the way the situation was handled, which I appreciate, and they took full responsibility for everything that has happened," Parker said.

Crisis Communicator Charity Marcus sat in on the meeting and helped the Parkers through the last few days.

"I just wanted to make sure this wasn't another case where a victim was punished for what happened to her," she said.

Marcus says she has been in contact with the administration about the lack of communication and responsibility.

She and Parker suggested the school update their policies.

"I am happy to say that the administration agreed and will be looking over their policies on how things were handled, so they are making a better atmosphere not only for the students but as well for the parents," Marcus said.

Parker's daughter will head back to school on Monday. All of her punishments have been dropped and cleared from her record.

We have reached out to the school but have not heard back.

We are still working to find out who brought the alleged cocaine to school and what punishment that student faces.

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