Parents arrested after toddler found sleeping in bed infested with cockroaches

Two people were taken into custody on child custody complaints Aug. 12 in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma County Jail)

Two people were arrested on complaints of child neglect after an officer reportedly found their toddler living in a home infested by cockroaches.

Just after midnight Aug. 12 officers were called to a home in the 100 block of SW 43 Street to a domestic incident. An officer found four intoxicated individuals screaming and yelling at each other at the home. The officer noted he had been to the home on similar incidents in the past.

The subjects at the scene stated that 36-year-old Justin Autaubo had gotten into a fight with another resident of the home over the rent. While the fight was investigated, the officer asked 36-year-old Teresa Douglas if anyone was inside the home. Douglas stated that she had a 2-year-old daughter with Autaubo and noted she was inside the home asleep.

The officer was concerned about the girl being in the home alone while everyone was outside fighting and asked Douglas to show him where she was. Douglas led the officer to the girl's room. In the room, the officer shined his flashlight on the girl asleep in bed and noticed "at least four roaches crawling around on the bed". Several other cockroaches were observed in the room and the officer noticed a black widow spider on a shoe belonging to the girl.

In the bathroom the officer discovered the home had no running water and that both old and fresh feces were sitting in the toilet. While walking through the kitchen, the officer found a pot filled with chili and rice on the stove that also contained cockroaches.

Authorities also found a malnourished pit bull in the home, that they initially thought was dead due to it's slow movements. When the officer left the house, he observed that his boots were slippery from "inadvertently stepping" on cockroaches in the home.

DHS was called to the home and placed the toddler in the care of a family member. Both Autaubo and Douglas were booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of child neglect.

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