Parents worried for daughter's safety

Samantha Puckett's parents have not heard from their daughter since the beginning of November. (Mummolo/KTUL)

Her smile was a regular part of their lives, but her parents haven't seen Samantha in person for quite a while.

"Since November 6th is the last time that we had contact with her," said her father, Paul Puckett.

On Monday the Tulsa police department sent out a flyer with a title of missing and endangered, with her parents revealing that behind that smile, lies a heartbreaking story.

"We have known that she was in an abusive relationship for quite a while and have tried to steer her to get help, but her concern for her family kept her from helping herself," said her mother, Cherie Puckett.

"We're afraid she returned to that relationship and that situation, and like I say, no one's heard from her," said her father.

And like the complexities of their daughter's relationship, the Pucketts find themselves in an extremely difficult situation when it comes to talking more in depth about the person Samantha has been involved with.

"We have suspicions of where she was last seen or who she was last with but we really can't comment on that," said her father.

Looking for their little girl; hoping that they'll see her smile again.

"She's out there we just want her to know that we love her and we care about her. We want anybody that sees her or hear from her to call and let us know that she's OK," said her father.

If you have any information call crime stoppers at (918) 596-cops.

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