Pencil Box helping to ease school supply burden

Pencil Box helping to ease school supply burden (KTUL)

After 23 years on the job, Tammy Blanchard still looks forward to every day.

"I absolutely get up every morning and love my job. It's the reason I get up," said Blanchard.

But the job of teaching doesn't come without a few headaches.

Project School Supplies: Help local kids start the school year right

Buying schools supplies is one.

Like so many other teachers right about now, Blanchard is doing that on her own.

A cost that can add up fast.

"Yes it does. Yes it does," said Karolyn Gaines, a teacher at Monroe Demonstration Academy.

Gaines said it's money she doesn't always have.

"Takes a lot money out of my own pocket, and I've been doing that a lot," said Gaines.

Which is why both Blanchard and Gaines made the trip to the Pencil Box, just off West 23rd in west Tulsa..

Nancy Bolzle opened Tulsa's first Pencil Box, an organization that gives out free school supplies to teachers.

"Our criteria is seventy percent or more of the students living at or below the poverty level," said Bolzle. "Tulsa Public Schools, there are 57 schools where the students are living in poverty."

Sort of a dream come true for Blanchard.

Through donations, the Pencil Box is able to stock up and help teachers like these with some of that financial burden, saving them hundreds of dollars each year.

The Pencil Box is always in need of donations. To learn more, click here.

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