Police cracking down on drivers running red lights after recent wrecks in Owasso

Several intersections had more than 30 crashes a piece last year alone. (KTUL)

OWASSO, Okla., (KTUL) -- Police are cracking down on drivers running lights to help curb the amount of crashes at intersections in town.

Officers are giving us new video of drivers running red lights in Owasso.

Several intersections had more than 30 crashes a piece last year alone.

That’s not acceptable for the Owasso Police Department.

“It’s up to the drivers to follow these laws," said Lieutenant Nick Boatman.

He says the department is redirecting more officers to red light patrols.

“This is one of the first times we’ve made a complied list of the different intersections," said Boatman.

Two intersections are the most dangerous.

East 96th Street North at Garnett and East 86th Street North at North 129 East Avenue had more than 60 crashes combined in 2017.

Several people where hurt in a few of the car crashes at those intersections.

And to drive the point home, police gave us body camera footage of the more than 30 wrecks that happened at one of those intersections last year.

One video we received was from a crash off Garnett a few weeks ago.

The driver was pulling out of a parking lot heading north on Garnett when the cars collided.

Three people were hurt.

“Red light running is pretty rampant in this town, I’d say," said local worker Nicole Riggs.

She works nearby and has noticed several drivers who run red lights.

“I've learned that when the light turns green for a second, to look both ways for a second to make sure no one is coming through," Riggs said.

She wants it to end.

“Because it can be very scary and cause some bad accidents," Riggs said.

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