Police search for clues after woman found shot to death outside Tulsa mall

Samantha Barlow, 21, lived in McAlester but worked in Tulsa on weekends. (KTUL)

Tulsa Police say the woman shot to death Thursday night outside Woodland Hills Mall was an exotic dancer here in town. Samantha Barlow, 21, lived in McAlester but worked in Tulsa on weekends.

Right now, police are trying to piece together a timeline of what Barlow was doing leading up to that shooting.

At this point, investigators believe she was alone just before the shooting, and they don’t think this was random.

"It's just odd right at the moment," said Sergeant Dave Walker with the Tulsa Police Department. "We've got to find the last person that knew her and knew what she was doing."

Police say Barlow checked into work at the nightclub on Sheridan around 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Then around 7:45 p.m., she was spotted on camera at Walmart near 68th and Memorial.

Twenty minutes later, she was dead in the Woodland Hills Mall parking lot.

"She was shot in the chest outside of her running car," said Walker. " We've been in contact with her family."

Her family tells police she drove to Tulsa from McAlester every weekend for work. They also say she was quiet and didn't socialize much.

"She's not gang affiliated, she's not drug addicted," said Walker. "We're looking at her Facebook page and there's nothing on there that lets us know as to who she was staying with."

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Right now police still don’t know if this was murder, an accidental shooting or suicide. So investigators are turning to the public for help.

"What we really need is to find someone that saw her between 7:54 p.m. and 8:10 p.m. on Thursday and we really don't have that yet," said Walker. "So, it's kind of unusual."

Police say there were a few people here at the mall that claim they heard a gunshot and a woman scream.

If you saw something or know something, please call at 918-596-COPS.

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