Father dies in south Tulsa home invasion shooting

Police confirm one person is dead following a shooting near East 71st Street between Mingo and Memorial (KTUL).

A seemingly quite and wholesome neighborhood is south Tulsa was flooded with police cars, caution tape and ambulances Sunday afternoon.

"People are just going absolutely crazy at this point," said neighbor Brandon Young.

Young is on edge after he found out his neighbor, just a few houses down, was gunned down in his own home near east 71st Street between Mingo and Memorial.

"There's a lot of great people in this neighborhood and I'm just really shocked to hear this, it's really devastated for the family that lost their dad and husband," said Young.

Police say a family was getting ready to leave their home when they were confronted by a lone suspect carrying a gun.

"The suspect pushed them back inside the house," said Homicide Detective Sgt. Dave Walter, "The kids ran in and screamed. Their dad came down the hallway, confronted the suspect and was shot."

Sgt. Walker says the man died at the scene inside his home. Police have not released the identify of the victim.

The suspect ran off on foot and is only being described as a young black male, wearing a dark colored hoodie.

"We're going to have to go back and look at the neighborhood and see if we've got some sort of issue of what crime is going on in the neighborhood," said Sgt. Walker.

Police continue too look for suspect and are interviewing the family and neighbors to get more information about the shooting.

In the meantime, neighbors like Young are urging extra caution to other in the area.

"This is very tragic," said Young. "I give my condolences to the family. Everyone need to stay safe and lock your doors."

Sgt. Walker says there have been a string of burglaries and other crimes in this neighborhood that they will be taking a closer look at.

This is Tulsa's 67th homicide.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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