Police reports: Open records or closed doors?

    Tulsa City Hall (KTUL)

    "My family and I are deeply hurt that I had to hire an attorney," said Jackie Ziegler, desperately trying to hold back tears.

    Her lawsuit against the city explaining how she's tried several times to get a copy of the police report regarding her daughter's sexual assault.

    "They've asked in person; they've asked in email. They were asked to provide guardianship papers, because they are the legal guardian of their adult daughter. They provided that information and yet still they were not able to get the police report," said attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons.

    When Tulsa's Channel 8 asked the police about it, they told us, "Unfortunately, with a stated lawsuit pending, we respectfully cannot answer any questions related to this case at this time.”

    "We believe our city government should be accountable to its citizens," said Solomon-Simmons.

    On the department's website, it says the city complies with the Oklahoma Open Records Act. It also lists exceptions, but the family says they haven't been given any reason why, just a flat out "no."

    "To this day, I don't understand why the city of Tulsa, the police department, would not give us that information," said Solomon-Simmons.

    Part of the lawsuit is "Exhibit C," a voicemail from a woman who identifies herself as the police legal advisor.

    "We are not going to be releasing it. I've discussed that with both the chief and sergeant who I also think you spoke with about this yesterday," said the woman.

    "We don't believe that this is something that should happen in Tulsa," said Solomon-Simmons.

    Insult added to injury is the feeling a mother contends with in the wake of what happened to her daughter.

    "TPD refused to deal fairly and compassionately with my daughter has greatly magnified the hurt and pain my daughter's sexual assault has brought," said Ziegler.

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