Hours long stolen vehicle pursuit ends after suspect taken into custody

Brenton Hager was arrested after leading police on a lengthy police chase Friday. (KOKH/Scott Noland)

A stolen vehicle suspect is in custody following a lengthy pursuit that weaved through highways, neighborhoods and fields.

The man, who has been identified as Brenton Hager, 25, was taken into custody for unauthorized use of a vehicle by Cleveland County Sheriff's deputies.

The Oklahoma City Police Department reports they were notified around 10:20 a.m. Nov. 10 by a man that said he had found his stolen vehicle. Officers were able to catch up with the vehicle around SW 44 and Agnew and attempted to pull the vehicle over. Hager, who was pulling a trailer, then took off, initiating a pursuit.

The suspect traveled south past I-240 before weaving through a neighborhood and getting on I-240 eastbound. Hager pulled off on Eastern traveling south, winding through neighborhoods in the Moore-area before heading back northbound on I-35.

He then led police onto eastbound I-240 before getting off at Air Depot and driving through a field and popping out onto S. Sooner Road and then winding his way through Moore. At one point, police report that a civilian attempted to block the suspect into a dead end and fired shots at his vehicle, hitting one tire and causing it to go flat.

The Oklahoma City Police Department says not only is what that citizen did dangerous, it's also illegal. The man was briefly taken into custody before being released by authorities. OKCPD detectives will consult with the District Attorney's Office about whether he will face charges for firing at Hager's car.

"As a citizen armed with a permitted firearm, I would think that’s not something you would do," said Mike Rust, general manager of H&H Shooting Sports. "They might have been chasing a bank robbery suspect for all he knew, and he could have been fired upon. He’s a very lucky man."

Police urged people not to intervene in a situation like this to give police room to do their jobs.

Even after the man shot at the suspect's car, he was able to speed away through a field.

After about an hour long pursuit, the suspect stopped in a field near Pennsylvania and Indian Hills Road, where police surrounded him for several hours. Authorities eventually took the man into custody after he backed his vehicle into a pond. Police say they had learned the man was making suicidal statements via a live stream on Facebook and stated he had a weapon. Officers took their time approaching the man because they didn't want him to commit suicide.

FOX 25 spoke with the owner of the truck, Shane Jones, who reports the vehicle was stolen around 7 a.m. last Friday in Bridge Creek after his wife started it to warm it up. Jones by chance found the truck early today and began following it after notifying police.

The end of the pursuit put nearby Wayland Bonds Elementary School on a precautionary lock down. Several Moore schools were also on lock down during the incident.

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