Potential 'Hustler Hollywood' location stirring controversy

An empty building on 41st near Sheridan might be a future location of a Hustler Hollywood. (KTUL)

It's nothing much to look at now – a bland, vacant building across the street from Buffalo Wild Wings and Academy Sports + Outdoors on 41st Street near Sheridan, just across the highway from Bishop Kelley High School – but if a new business gets its way, it'll be quite the sight to see.

"Larry Flynt, LLC, Hustler Hollywood," said Tulsa City Councilor Karen Gilbert.

With 23 stores across the country, including one in OKC, Tulsa would become the next stop for the self-described "upscale modern erotic boutique dedicated to providing a sophisticated shopping experience for the sexually curious."

But for Councilor Gilbert, their choice of location is confusing.

"Is this something that parents are going to want to see as they take their kids to school on a day in and day out basis?" she asked.

Friday afternoon, Bishop Kelley put out a call for action on Facebook: "Help BK fight adult business opening in neighborhood."

"I actually met with Bishop Kelley today," said Gilbert.

Meanwhile, right next door to the would-be Hustler Hollywood, Derek Duffel is hoping they choose another location.

At AirSoft, a large percentage of their customers are kids.

"It's just something we really don’t want with all the young, young crowd, 'cause 90% of our business is a younger crowd and we don’t want to expose our younger group to something like that," Duffelsaid.

"As a mom, I have those concerns as well," said Gilbert. "As I take my family out shopping, as I take my family out to dinner, that is not the store that I want to drive by and have my kids ask, 'What is that place all about?'" she said.

Gilbert said the business has yet to be categorized as "adult themed" by the city, but if and when that should happen, distance requirements given its proximity to Bishop Kelley, could force it to find another location.

"Just going to do all that I can to make sure that this doesn’t happen," she said.

Bishop Kelley President Father Gary Kastl released the following statement:

Bishop Kelley remains thankful to the mayor's office and Karen Gilbert for helping us understand the policies regarding permitting for Hustler Hollywood and its close proximity to Bishop Kelley. It is our hope this business is properly classified.
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