Prank frightens moviegoers at local theater

Prank frightens moviegoers at local theater (KTUL)

The thought of an active shooter is in the forefront of some Tulsans' minds after what they say happened in a movie theater. They were watching the movie called, “On the Basis of Sex.”

“We were about halfway through the movie. We were sitting in the middle of the theater,” Lisa describes the moment before a stranger threatened her and others.

“And then, a male voice shouted out, ‘Hit the deck!’ or ‘Everybody hit the deck,’ something like that. And so, everyone had their own reaction to that,” explained Lisa, who says she took off running so fast she left her husband behind. She said other patrons did get down on the floor; others cried in fear.

We reached out to AMC Theaters for comment.

AMC released a statement about the incident:

The safety of our guests and associates is AMC’s top priority. In response to the unacceptable incident you described, the theatre team followed appropriate safety and security protocols.

Four police officers showed up for trouble unknown, but they did not make a report.

The moviegoers believe it was a prank, but one that police say is not funny.

“People have a right to be concerned about these things. We live in a time in our society where these things actually do happen. It wasn’t that long ago when this actually did happen in Aurora, Colorado," said Major Travis Yates.

Lisa told us it will be a while before she returns to a theatre after the scare. She also told us that a worker gave them free movie tickets when a handful of them decided to return for the end of the movie.

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