Pre-K enrollment begins in Tulsa with some changes

Enrollment has begun for TPS Pre-K (KTUL)

The Pre-K enrollment window is open for Tulsa Public Schools, and there are assistants ready to help parents through the Pre-K enrollment process.

For many, this is the first time they've ever been to the enrollment office. Matrice Wilks thought she might not be here with all the cuts to education.

"All those stories you here, and every day it seems like funding is getting cut more and more. It's nice to have this available to people who were considering not sending their kid to Pre-K before," said Wilks.

The Pre-K program at TPS has been protected, and in fact strengthened, even with the budget cuts. Pre-K is not necessarily something new, but what is new this year is the amount of Pre-K programming available, and how much it could cost parents.

"This year, all of our Pre-K programs in Tulsa are full day and free, so it's a great opportunity for parents to get their kids in," said Kris Serna.

Those words "free" and "full day" weren't necessarily the case last year.

"Tulsa Public Schools does have limited seats, but with all our partners, Educare and CAP Tulsa, we have seats for every child in Tulsa to attend Pre-K free," said Serna.

Registration is open from now until the start of the next school year, and parents can register online or in person. Matrice found it easy, but like the MVA, you want to make sure you have your paperwork in line. She's pretty confident it will be worth the 20 minutes of effort.

"My son, he just needs that stimulation," said Wilks. "He needs something to keep his brain going, so why not education?"

Enrollment and a list of the documents you need can be found by clicking here.

Enrollment can be done in person at 2819 S. New Haven Avenue in Tulsa.

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