Putnam City Schools investigating report of teacher using racist language

    Putnam City Cooper Middle (Courtesy: Google Maps)

    Putnam City Schools is investigating a report of a K. Cooper Middle School teacher using insensitive language in one of his classes FOX 25 confirmed.

    Steve Lindley with the school district says they were made aware of the situation Thursday morning and are currently speaking with students and staff about the incident.

    A parent claims a 7th grade teacher said "you blacks have no clue" during one of his classes causing several students to walk out of his class.

    The parent tells FOX 25 they were initially contacted and told the children walked out because the class was getting rid of iPads.

    Those students were given lunch detention for the rest of the week for the walkout according to the parent but were later told there would be no consequences for their actions.

    Lindley tells FOX 25 once their investigation is complete they will determine what if any action should be taken.

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