QuikTrip to add armed employees at Tulsa stores

Quik Trip to add armed employees at Tulsa stores (KTUL)

With increasing crime at its stores, QuikTrip says they are now taking matters into their own hands.

They've already started the process of hiring new employees that'll you see behind the counter that are licensed to carry.

"Nobody's immune from it. We're just taking a stance and saying we've had enough," said Mike Thornbrugh with QuikTrip Corporation. "Unfortunately, there's some issues in Tulsa."

Green Country QT's have the most crime of any other town they're in, according to Thornbrugh.

"The police and sheriff's department has bent over backwards to help us, and we really appreciate it. But there's simply not enough of them to make a dent," said Thornbrugh. That's where the armed employees come in.

"They're going to have all the proper certifications, credentials; we're going to go through all the background checks. We're probably going to do way above probably what's required, because we want to do it the right way," explained Thornbrugh.

He adds that they're aiming to hire veterans and people with a background in law enforcement.

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This has already been tested in one store in Wichita, Kansas, and they said it's been a success.

Theft has proven to be the biggest issue, and QT said it's not only hurting them but also customers.

"Every time someone comes in and steals something, I'm sorry, but the cost of your gas goes up. The cost of your milk goes up, and we don't want to do that," said Thornbrugh.

QT said they don't have a set date when these new employees will begin working at QT.

The armed employees will only be at certain Tulsa QT locations and will be paid more than their regular clerks.

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