Remington Tower remains damaged and untouchable

    Remington Tower remains damaged and untouchable (KTUL)

    Many of the businesses damaged during the 2017 midtown tornado are back and even better on 41st Street.

    But there are still one or two eyesores, including the Remington Tower.

    The building, with windows boarded, shows major damage from the tornado, but the City of Tulsa has no power to force the owners to repair it or demolish it. Code enforcement workers in the Working in Neighborhoods program say even though the city has demolished homes and properties, this one is not eligible.

    According to state law, a building has to be boarded up for at least 36 months before the city can take action, and in this case, it could cost more than a $100,000 for demolition.

    “I’d hate to speculate at this point, because it is not something we normally do. We normally tear down two to three story structures, and we know that price range for those, but you’re talking about something that is way beyond a normal demolition,” said Brant Pitchford with the City of Tulsa.

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    We tried to reach the owners for comment but were unable to do so. The City of Tulsa says the company fenced the property in for safety purposes, meeting code requirements, for now.

    “We still monitor the property to make sure it stays secure. We make sure the fencing stays up so it keeps anyone out, keeps the community and the public safe. But as far as requiring them to do more, there is nothing more for them to do at this time,” said Pitchford.

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