R&G Family Grocers, a mobile grocery store, unlike any store in Tulsa

R&G Family Grocers took a horse trailer and turned it into a grocery store, helping alleviate food deserts all across Tulsa. (Mummolo/KTUL)

Like any store, R&G Family Grocers has everything from fresh green beans to canned pinto beans.

"They have a very wide range," said shopper Jeanette Hunt.

And yet, R&G Family Grocers is unlike any grocery store.

"It's a 36-foot long horse trailer we turned into a one-aisle grocery store," said Executive Director Katie Plohocky.

A mobile supermarket, with 19 stops around Tulsa. We caught up with them outside Hewgley Terrace.

"We really want to make sure that everybody has access to healthy food, not just regular food," Plohocky said.

For food deserts, they are an oasis.

"Fruit is good, the orange juice is good," said Hunt.

According to their customers, their prices are affordable, too.

"We've been told many times we're cheaper than Walmart, and that's our goal," said Plohocky.

The secret: Katie spends hours every day shopping for items on sale at other stores.

"I know where all the sales are, so each week, I pick up the sales at every one of those places, so every sale within 50 miles is all in the same store right here," Plohocky said.

They spend about an hour and a half at each location. After Hewgley Terrace, they headed over to Mansion House, near 17th and Denver.

"It's wonderful. I'm a caregiver to my husband, so this makes it so nice," said Yvette Wright. For her, the mobile store means less time away from home.

Without it, Wright said, "I'd have to go to Walmart and leave my husband alone for two hours which I really don't like to do, he has dementia."

That's just one example of the impact they've had on a customer base that continues to grow.

"I know we do about $15,000 to $17,000 annual," said Plohocky.

R&G Family Grocers, once a horse trailer that now just makes you as hungry as one.

"I'm getting hungry," smiled Hunt.

Visit their website to see their weekly schedule.

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