Rogers County Sheriff stands by campaign against medical marijuana State Question 788

Rogers Co. Sheriff stands by campaign against SQ 788 (KTUL)

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton has been taking to social media to voice his concern about State Question 788, which would pave the way for medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

"They're either making a lot of money off of this, or they like to smoke weed and stay high," said Walton.

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"'Medical' is the most misleading term in this whole conversation," said Walton.

He's spoken out against it on the Rogers County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page, and that's where Brady Henderson, Legal Director for the ACLU of Oklahoma, said he's crossing the line.

"And that's what Sheriff Walton is doing here. He's expressing a personal view," said Henderson.

Henderson said the sheriff can talk all he wants about SQ 788 on his own time, but when it comes to using the Rogers County Facebook page, that's where he's wrong.

"But he's doing it in a way that if people aren't paying attention carefully, could easily mislead those who receive this message to think that it has been officially endorsed by the government, rather than merely being the views of one person," said Henderson.

Walton said he sought council from a campaign and ethics lawyer before posting about SQ 788 on Facebook, and is certain he's in the right. He said not only will he keep up his campaign against it, he hopes others in law enforcement will, too.

"I certainly wish others would step up to the plate and tell their opinions about it," said Walton.

State Question 788 will go before voters in June.

Henderson said it's too soon to talk legal action but will be keeping a very close eye on the Rogers County Facebook page.

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