Rogers State University launches RSU Works program

All you do is type in your desired field of expertise, and the program directs you to the relevant online courses.

In decades past, a simple high school or college degree might be enough to help you begin your career, and in some cases, it is.

Rogers State University's new RSU Works program provides for those who need something more.

"Young people who are entering today's job market will need more industry-specific certification, as well as career tech and college level training for long-term success," says the launch video shown during Wednesday morning's event.

As careers become more specialized, more specialized training is needed. And this isn't just PR mumbo-jumbo. Oklahoma Secretary of State Dave Lopez says it's a real issue.

"What this does is let students know early on that there's a career opportunity that we need to prepare for, or someone choosing a new field instead of the one they are in, or to upgrade their skills," said Lopez.

Here's how it works: you log on to the RSU Works site and type in what you would like to learn. Relevant online courses appear that can help bring your skills up to date or give you a certification needed in your field.

"The goal here is to make it accessible so you don't have to leave your job to go to get a certificate, you can go and get it at home or on the job as they set up a place and time for you to do that," said RSU TV General Manager Royal Aills.

The goal is to not only empower future workers to take control of their career path but also to help Oklahoma businesses connect with local workers.

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