Rollover crash caught on camera in a Sapulpa neighborhood

Rollover crash caught on camera in a Sapulpa neighborhood (KTUL)

A vehicle recently plowed through a guardrail, landing upside down in a Sapulpa neighborhood.

"When I looked at it I was like 'Oh my gosh'," said Morgan Evans. "I just couldn't believe it; it was crazy."

Evans lives off of Teel Road in Sapulpa where the wreck happened. Her security cameras captured the shocking wreck on video. She wasn't home when it happened, and she's glad she wasn't because it was just feet from her front door.

"I have a 4-year-old who likes to ride her Frozen Jeep in the backyard," said Evans. "I'm now kind of hesitant to let her do that because people drive crazy like that and it's scary."

Many other neighbors who live off Teel Road say speeding is an ongoing issue in the area.

"Drivers speed all the time," said Edwin McKean, a longtime neighbor of 29 years. "I see it all the time. Years ago, someone flew into a brick statue at the entrance of our street, it was terrible," said McKean.

As far as this wreck in the video, Sapulpa Police say drugs, alcohol and some speeding were factors in the crash. They say they know Teel Road has speeders, but all they can do is monitor it as best they can.

"We do our diligence to try to work traffic laws down Teel Road," said Captain Glenn Coffey with the Sapulpa Police Department.

Now, Evans is taking matters into her own hands to get drivers to slow down.

"I think I'm going to make me a big, ol' pretty sign that says, 'Slow down, drive like your kids live here.'"

The guardrail the driver plowed into has since been replaced.

Capt. Coffey says the driver had minor injuries after the wreck but is now in jail.

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