Roofers working overtime in tornado aftermath as more rain looms

Tornado damage has been keeping them plenty busy, and with the threat of more rain, the pressure is on to make sure his clients with already damaged roofs don't end up all wet again (KTUL).

Many people are still cleaning up in the aftermath of Sunday's EF-2 tornado in midtown, but crews are having to step up the pace as more rain approaches the city.

Red Frese Fine Automobiles, a classic car shop just off 46th Place in east Tulsa, had its showroom roof torn open in the storms. Red Frese, the owner of the shop, was dismayed.

"I had them inside because I thought they were safe," he said. "Then, the storm comes along and they all get a bath."

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The roof has since been tarped, but Frese says he'll be here when the rain comes back, keeping a close eye on his classic beauties.

It's a problem Coleton McDonald with 918 Construction is all too familiar with these days. Tornado damage has kept him plenty busy, but the threat of more rain puts the pressure on him to make sure his clients with already damaged roofs don't end up all wet again.

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"I didn't get home until 10 p.m. last night, and I started at 5:30 a.m. yesterday morning," he said. "Everybody is scrambling right now, running around like chickens with their heads cut off."

McDonald said sometimes, it just comes down to waiting on insurance adjusters. But he said he won't quit until the job is done, rain or shine.

"In this instance, we have a little more leeway...get some things done a little bit quicker because of the magnitude of the storm," McDonald said.

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