Rose Bowl was a nail-biter 'til the end

The big game lived up to the hype. (Clemmer/KTUL)

In the beginning, it looked like a foregone conclusion, but by halftime, a lot of Sooner fans were concerned.

"It's back and forth completely, but we need to get our defense to hold them so we don't have to face this every single time," said one fan.

The next half would lead to the history books, with a first-ever Rose Bowl overtime.

At one point, OU had a very comfortable lead, but the Georgia Bulldogs caught up with them.

"I'm having an anxiety attic," said John Rogers of the OU Club of Tulsa.

The result of the first overtime - a tie.

The mood in the room was tense.

"Everybody acts calm because they're mad," said one young fan.

Second overtime, OU goes for the kick, and it's blocked.

Then, Georgia got the ball and ran it for a game-winning touchdown.

"It just ends like that; that's horrible, they had such a great year," said Rogers.

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